Flare for Flare

3b. Best Mobile Innovation for Health and Biotech

Flare is a digital solution for 5-billion people around the world who lack 911. We make it easier than ever before to access help in an emergency. Through a simple hotline and touch-of-a-button app integrations, Flare provides immediate access to a medically trained dispatch team and routes ambulances to the scene in minutes, while providing over-the-phone care to patients. We have saved thousands of lives with our user-friendly, accessible technology and systems, and provide peace-of-mind to our members, who now have 24/7 access to reliable emergency response.

Judges Comments

“A very creative and elegant solution that capitalises on existing techniques in a clever way to address a very significant problem – great product concept, very scalable and one to watch!”



3b. Best Mobile Innovation for Health and Biotech

Dr Ruchi Dass

Government of India


Chuck Parker

Escentium Consulting


Jody Ranck

Ranck Consulting


Oksana Pyzik


Teaching Fellow


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