Cohere Technologies for Improved 4G and 5G FDD/TDD Networks

1e. Best Network Software Breakthrough (Companies under $10M Annual Global Revenue)

Cohere’s innovation around Delay Doppler-based channel estimation, prediction and precoding – enhances 4G and 5G. Cohere’s software is agnostic to modulation and is fully compliant with the 3GPP standard. Cohere delivers ~2x or higher spectrum multiplier effect for 4G and 5G networks in both FDD and TDD, growing linearly with the number of antennas on a 1:1 ratio, and offers significant MU-MIMO benefits with no changes to existing handsets or antennas. Cohere can be deployed within an Intel FlexRAN architecture, next to, or within existing base stations, or in a Cloud RAN. Cohere is a member of the O-RAN Alliance.

Judges Comments

“A strong vision and an approach that addresses a real-world problem of improving users’ network experience on low-band networks on current technologies, especially around FD spectrum.”



1e. Best Network Software Breakthrough (Companies less than $10m annual global revenue)

Ian Fogg


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Philip Marshall

Tolaga Research

Chief Research Officer

Mark Mortensen

Prinipal Analyst

ACG Research

Dean Ramsay

Telecoms Tracker

Research Director

Scott Stonham

Innovation Scouts


Will Townsend

Moor Insights & Strategy



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