Accenture for SAATHI – Autism Therapy at your Fingertips.

5e. Best Mobile Innovation for Enhancing Children’s Lives

1/59 children is diagnosed with autism. There is, however, a global shortage of trained autism therapists and services are expensive. Through its personalized augmented reality therapy environment, SAATHI provides children with autism with access to anytime, affordable therapy and educational tools via a smartphone. Personalized to the child’s preferences, the therapist avatar guides children through therapy activities while dynamically ordering the therapies based on child’s emotions and engagement. Costing just $100 a year, it has been trialled with 35 children. Therapists have observed that children in the test sample learned at least 30% faster than those without access to SAATHI.

Judges Comments

“Excellent and innovative use of AR technologies.”



5e. Best Mobile Initiative for Enhancing Children’s Lives

Vineet Kumar

Cyber Peace Foundation


Emilio Puccio

European Parliament Intergroup on Children's Rights


Jason Reed


Lead analyst

Claire Maslen

Consult Hyperion


Daniel Gleeson



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