About the Global Mobile Awards

Learn about the ceremony that recognises pioneering individuals, teams, organisations and partnerships in the connected world.

Celebrating 25 years of recognising pioneership in the mobile world

It has never been a more exciting time for the connectivity industry than right now; traditional players are completely re-evaluating the very DNA of their companies, start-ups are redefining the possible, providers are innovating at an unprecedented rate, the media are excited and the industry is ready.

This is the 25th Global Mobile Awards.

In 1995 we applauded the world’s first flip phone, in 2020 we’re talking about the first 5G-enabled, foldable smartphone. A quarter of a century has changed the mobile industry beyond the early tech pioneer’s wildest dreams.

The #GLOMOAwards returns to MWC Barcelona 2020. With a revamped ceremony to recognise and honour the individuals, the teams, the organisations and the partnerships which have changed the meaning of what it is to be connected. Join us as we celebrate 25 years of excellence in the mobile and digital world

This is the mobile industry’s most coveted moment.

The Award-Winning, GLOMO Awards

In 2019 the GLOMO Awards won two internationally acclaimed awards for the rigorous Judging Process and Ceremony

What the Judges said:

“It’s very big, very complex and highly sought after. I like the outsourced judging and demand for independence. Working with entrants across geographies and cultures must be tough. I really like the diversity efforts in judging recruitment.”

“Impressive event. I like the way they reach such a large audience. Judging process is well thought through.”

“The sheer scale of this event is incredibly impressive. I can see from the entry that whilst there is nothing unusual about the way the entries are judged, they have a well developed process and that diversity is an important part of their agenda. I was impressed with way the organisers use their judges as ambassadors for the awards. This is an easy way to promote your event to a wider audience.”

“Impressive event of forward looking industry.”

“Highly professional organisation, strong marketing activities to give visibility and create media impact, consequent and successful development over more than two decades.”

“It is clear that co-locating the awards at MWC brings with it a lot of benefits to the awards in terms of audience and PR reach.”

“They manage a huge number of awards in an engaging way.”

25 Years of Excellence Recognised by the Industry’s CEOs

“The Global Mobile Awards are a unique showcase of some of the best innovations and services that our industry brings to consumers all over the world. It acknowledges the value that our industry delivers and is an important platform for demonstrating how vibrant and creative the telecoms sector continues to be.”

Stéphane Richard
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Orange

The Global Mobile Awards celebrate the major milestones and deep impact that mobile communications have had on the world over the last 20 years. I would not hesitate to say that these are the Oscars of the mobile industry and help keep the spirit of innovation alive within the industry.”

Sunil Mittal Bharti
Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Group CEO & Chairman Bharti Enterprises

“Since the Awards were established more than 20 years ago, mobile phones have become a staple of our society, positively transforming the way we live and work. The Global Mobile Awards recognise and celebrate those innovators who continue to build a connected world where mobile is enhancing our everyday lives, helping improve education, enabling greater political participation and driving higher economic growth.”

César Alierta
Chairman & CEO, Telefónica SA

“For all of us excited by the many possibilities created by connected mobility, the Global Mobile Awards are a must. For 20+ years – an eon in our industry – the Awards have showcased the creativity of our sector and celebrated the innovative use of technology to change billions of lives for the better.”

David Thodey
CEO Telstra

“The Global Mobile Awards recognizes not only the role of the telecom industry in connecting people around the world, but also its significance in improving lives through innovative technology.”

Karim Khoja
CEO of Roshan, Afghanistan

“Over two decades, the Global Mobile Awards continue to be highly coveted as they recognise innovation and significant achievement within the mobile communications industry.”

Vittorio Colao
Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Group

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