ZEUS is a web development firm that specializes in WebRTC and blockchain technology. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, our focus was on creating a video call application utilizing WebRTC. As the situation improves, our attention has shifted to blockchain, and we are proud to introduce EasyMembershipNFT, a blockchain-based advertising solution.

Web3 is often perceived as a niche for tech enthusiasts or speculative investors. However, it has the potential to empower citizens by granting them access rights to all data. Our goal is to initiate the tokenization of membership cards as NFTs, making them accessible even in ordinary stores. This will help increase the number of people who engage with Web3, rather than just speculative investors.

Our system is cost-effective. For example, in Japan, compared to paying for advertising on Web 2.0 platforms and conducting member ID marketing, our system can be operated with an annual cost that is less than one-tenth of the cost.