Youbiquo is a product company positioned in the B2B market and specialised in the design and manufacture of wearable devices equipped with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence features.
The company has conceived the first AR “Talens” Smart Glasses in 2015 and its “Holo Industry+” evolution in 2020.
In 2018, Youbiquo achieved a “Seal of Excellence” awarded by the European Commission for product innovation proposed. In 2020, Youbiquo has achieved a second SoE for an IoT solution dedicated to the maintenance sector.
The company currently has investment programs of Research and Development funded by Italian Ministry of Industry (MISE), Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR) and Campania Region in partnership with large companies, such as Leonardo company and Ericsson. Currently, Youbiquo is involved in European projects within the Horizon2020 program together with international research centers and companies as Thales and Microchip.
Youbiquo, in addition to AR SmartGlasses provides consulting services for design and prototyping of wearable electronic devices and IoT devices.