Yerba Buena VR


YBVR is a Silicon Valley technology start-up that brings emotions closer to sports fans by building the next generation of live immersive video experiences in VR/360, unleashing the potential of immersive broadcasting by providing unparallel immersive experiences to sports fans connected from anywhere with any device: mobile, web, or XR devices.

Silicon Valley-based HQ, with R&D Center in Madrid and commercial teams in Japan, UK, and Portugal.

Founded in 2016, YBVR is delivering products to the market since 2018, having deployed business in four continents. In 2017 we had our MVP, by 2018 we did our first live events, which grew to world-class events such as the Australian Open in 2019. In 2020 we closed investments from top-tier telcos such as Verizon. We have been in the EuroLeague F4 two years in a row and in 2022 we launched Xtadium, the home for sports in the Metaverse.