Xtellio offers a wide range of IoT sensor devices that create valuable data across several industry sectors and make this data available for easy partner processing via cloud-based APIs
Our standardized Bluetooth/5G sensor and gateway devices are designed for industrial use and they deployed easily as "plug & Play" solutions with data flowing in minutes.
By making use of wireless LTE-M/NB-IoT technologies, data is forwarded via cloud-based APIs for partners to integrate, process and visualize data in their own applications - making the Xtellio solutions very suitable and attractive for both IT mature end-customers as well as value-adding resellers. We deliver the data – you control it.
With a background as a project consultancy partner Xtellio still has the capability to customize for specific project scenarios. We base custom solutions on our standard portfolio platform which massively accelerates time-to-market at lower development costs.
We call this: Data, at you Service.