Wuhan GreeNet Information Service Co., Ltd


Founded in 2003, GreeNet has been innovating in the development of network and communication solutions for service providers. We have 300 in-house developers dedicated to innovating solutions to meet the market demands.
GreeNet focusing on DPI (DeepPacket Inspection), Big Data Analytics and Network Security, supporting CSPs with carrier-grade network equipment and solutions.
Amid the trends of 5G, SDN/NFV, MEC , and FMC , GreeNet launched its Super-Intelligent Network Element (SINE).This product integrates multiple functions in BRAS, edge computing, edge storage, and DPI. The product runs on the universal x86 architecture, providing CSPs with network solutions characterized by agile employment, flexible scalability, lower costs, and higher efficiency.
We have acquired ISO certifications for quality management and CMMI5 certifications for software management.