WiRan sp. z o.o. / SEZO sp. z o.o.

WiRan sp. z o.o.  / SEZO sp. z o.o.


****** WiRan (www.wiran.pl) is a B2B company providing R&D as a Service in the sectors space, maritime, railway, industrial and IoT.

** WiRan products and services:
- RnD as a service
- IoT products (visit www.sezo.pl)
- SPACE products
- EMC testing
- LAB SPACE rental

****** SEZO (www.sezo.pl) offers products in LoRaWAN™ and LTE-M / NB-IoT Technology.

** SEZO provides both: standard or custom-made devices for measuring:
- indoor and outdoor AIR QUALITY
- STORAGE and production conditions,
- maintenance and SECURITY