UC3M Science Park


- Business Incubation and Acceleration Programme wide-ranging support services for spin-offs and start-ups.
- Incubator Centre of ESA BIC Madrid Region since 2015.
- Information desk of PIDI Network, Information Points Network on Research, Development and Innovation Activities, CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development, Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness.
- UC3M Spinoffs and start-ups Portfolio.
- Space sector and IoT, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity and data computation and storage tools for satellite data management specialized Acceleration programmes as coordinator of Go2Space-HUBs and member of NOVExport. Visit our stand to meet our firms: https://eventos.uc3m.es/68017/detail/la-uc3m-en-mwc-barcelona-2021.html