Tucana Telecom

Tucana Telecom


Tucana is a value-added distributor of test, measurement, access and security solutions, for advanced protocol analysis and network management, in IT- and Telecommunication networks.

To ensure wireless sites are always compliant with all regulatory and safety standards, we offer RFIS™, for continuous monitoring of RF exposure levels for all wireless technologies incl. 5G. RFIS™ benefits the telecom industry, regulators, building and property owners, general public and more.

For testing wireless systems and (IoT) devices OTA we provide solutions for accurate, repeatable testing. Incl. Wi-Fi, 2G/3G, LTE, 5G, WIMAX, IoT, Bluetooth & RF.

We support Operators and Telecom OEMs & Enterprises during development, installation and management or maintenance of the network, offering consulting, maintenance, training & helpdesk.

We provide Cyber Security solutions for DDoS attacks, stricter legislation and Ransomware. This protects your network, users and content.