TTG International


TTG Int. Ltd, established 2001, is the leading global provider of best-in-class proactive and customer oriented approach to Service Assurance as well as configurable OSS software solutions to the telecom industry. TTG’s growth has been outstanding to its exceptional vision and leadership in the development of 2G, 3G,LTE and 5G technology, IP networks, NGNs and Fix networks. The expertise gained in these technologies has enabled TTG to pioneer the agnostic OSS tools such as Performance Management, Anomaly Detection, CEIR, MNP,Fault&Alarm Management, Leased Line Inventory, Configuration Management, APM, Smart Power Systems Monitoring,5G EMS, 5G Service Quality Monitoring, Transmission Inventory and Planning of such 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, PDH/SDH and IP/MPLS networks.