Tozed Kangwei Intelligent Technology

Tozed Kangwei Intelligent Technology


TKit(Guangzhou Tozed Kangwei Intelligent Technology Co., LTD) is the pioneer of 5G/4G CPE provider, which has 20 years+ experience in telecom communication industry.

TKit focuses on the customized design, development and manufacturing of 4G/5G wireless communication terminals and solutions. Offering robust-built and cost-effective products, including 4G / 5G CPE, Mi-Fi, Wi-Fi router, GPON, Fixed wireless phone, Industrial router and IoT solutions etc.

With the development of wireless communication technology, TKit keeps pace with the times and produce work of the finest quality, technology and aesthetics products, to adapt to new business style and application scenarios. Meanwhile, TKit always provides great service based on the attitude of creating value for customers.

Our products have been exported to 100+ countries, serving 40 million+ people worldwide. We are committed to build a better connected world.