SQream Technologies


SQream makes it possible to Ask Bigger questions of extremely large, complicated data sets. With no off-limits questions, analysts get unprecedented new insights at exceptional speed. For too long, high costs and complexity have caused big data projects to fail at an alarming rate. To succeed, companies need a shortcut for Asking Bigger data questions to make better decisions. With SQream, telecoms can finally “Dig Deeper, Go Faster, and Reach Anywhere” so you’re able to Ask those Bigger questions – on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge. This is why organizations like AIS, LGU+, Mobicom, and more rely on SQream.

SQream provides Telcos with the ability to ingest multiple data sources, delivering near real-time analytics capabilities such as Customer Mobility and Behavior, Customer Device Detection, Location Analysis, Advertising Optimization, Network Monitoring and Security Logs. All in a single point of knowledge.

Live demonstrations will be held at the SQream Booth #5D81 at the Israeli Pavilion, Hall 5.