SIGMA messaging


SIGMA messaging is a telecommunications service provider of a wide spectrum of messaging and IT solutions. We are a Russian-based company which was formed in 2010. Over the years we have grown to become the leading expert in A2P technologies in Russia and CIS, rapidly expanding into global market.
SIGMA messaging enables its customers and partners to reach, engage and manage an integrated and multi-channel notification services. Our products are trusted by the leading large and medium-sized businesses.
We provide global omnichannel platform, designed on the principles of usability, credibility and innovation allows A2P messaging. A horizontally scalable microservice architecture based on NodeJS, hosted on AWS, with monitoring and autoscaling, make it possible to withstand peak loads and ensure the availability and operability of the service.
Our key services:
- SMS (Promotional and Transactional), OTP messaging
- Viber
- WhatsApp
- Flashcall (NumberCall)