Ranlytics has re-imagined RF testing and data analysis to solve the many RF coverage & quality testing problems that operators, network integrators and installers have struggled with for decades.

Our portfolio of patent-pending RF measurement, data processing, reporting and AI-based data analytics technologies, and a zero-capex commercial model gives you:

- The fastest, easiest, lowest-cost walk testing in the industry, covering 36 bands + wi-fi + P25 on a single walk, with fully-automated same-day reporting

- The fastest, easiest, lowest-cost drive testing in the industry, covering 72 bands + wi-fi + P25 on a single drive with same-day instant access to all data ever recorded

- Cost-effective RF drive testing of an entire country, multiple times per month with our fleet partners for address-specific measurement data for the first time

- The industry’s first mass-deployable, low cost continuous cellular, wi-fi & P25 RF monitoring platform

- Industry-leading AI-based data visualisation and analytics, including automated black spot location