PURIUM Co., Ltd.


'Smart Safeguards Gate'
Experience five functions in one product - sterilization, antibacterial activity, cleaning, dust collection, and deodorization.

With a mission to create a clean space, all executives and staff of
Purium are committed to providing a space free of ultrafine dust and
harmful substances, thereby facilitating a safe indoor culture where all
citizens can live at ease.

※ Product(model) : PURIUM-10000-P
It is designed to be installed at the entrance of general multi-use facilities to block the inflow of harmful substances such as ultrafine particles, bacteria, and viruses from the outside, thereby
managing the indoor space safely and cleanly.
- Total Size(mm) : 1,940(W) Ⅹ 2,400(H) Ⅹ 886(D)
- Color : Black, Gray, Rose gold