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North Rhine-Westphalia Pavilion - NRW.Global Business GmbH

North Rhine-Westphalia Pavilion - NRW.Global Business GmbH

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No mobile business without mobile security!
No digitalization without IT-security!
No cyber business without IT-security!

Security from the APP via smartphone/tablet to the backend or cloud is @-yet´s mission!

Founded in 2002, the @-yet GmbH is acting as an independent consulting company in the business segments IT risk management and IT security and is very much specialized in mobile and cloud security.

The @-yet portfolio offers comprehensive end2end security assesments and audits including:

- penetration testing,
- code reviews,
- in depth IT-security-architecture reviews,
- IT forensic and general consulting with focus on making mobile business solutions more secure.

@-yet’s methodologies support security needs for almost all business areas and cover technical and organizational aspects.

@-yet helps making safe and secure all kind of cyberbusiness and dig-itilization.

And if all security tools failed, @-yet also supports in it-forensics.


@-yet gives a general overview how a hacker works.

28.06.2021, 15 - 16.00 ǀ 29.06.2021, 14 - 15.00 ǀ 30.06.2021, 15 - 16.00 ǀ 01.07.2021, 15 - 16.00

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