Gazprom Space Systems

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Satellite antennas form 4 fixed beams: Russian, Northern, European, Southern, and one steerable beam.

Planned frequency bands (eighteen 36 MHz transponders) are used in Russian beam, which exactly contours the Russian borders. There are additional four 54 MHz transponders with standard frequency bands operating in Russian beam.

From nine to twelve 72 MHz transponders are operating in wider Northern beam which covers the visible part of Russia, CIS countries, almost all Europe and part of Middle East.

Four 54 MHz transponders are operating in European beam, which covers East and Central Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.

Eight 54 MHz transponders are operating in wide Southern beam, which covers the territory of Africa to the south of Sahara.

Up to three 72 MHz transponders can operate in the beam formed by the antenna, which can be steered/

There is a possibility of interbeam connection of Southern beam with Russian and European.

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