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xHE-AAC: The latest audio codec for music and video streaming Back to Exhibitor Page

Poor network connectivity causing audio streams to drop is a thing of the past, thanks to xHE-AAC. The codec offers maximum coding efficiency, with a bit rate range from 12 kbit/s to 500 kbit/s and above for stereo services. In combination with the technology's seamless bit rate switching over DASH and HLS, and mandatory MPEG-D DRC Loudness and Dynamic Range Control, xHE-AAC is the ideal solution for adaptive audio and video streaming services – whether it’s for movies, music, audiobooks or podcasts – as well as for digital radio broadcasting. The codec is natively supported in the latest Apple, Android and Amazon operating systems and products, and has recently been licensed to Microsoft.

Fraunhofer also provides a web-based test service that developers and manufacturers can use to validate their implementations of the xHE-AAC® audio codec for compliance with MPEG standards. Find more information here:

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