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Vader is an all-in-one augmented reality (AR) smart glasses equipped with a dual optical display for users who want a clear and wide Head-up Display (HUD) for work and leisure.

Vader runs on Android 7.0 with a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 32GB storage capacity. Apart from the stunning design, its software and hardware are enhanced to intensify users’ visual enjoyment. Vader can play 3D movies or videos by turning on the 3D function. It is ideal for playing games, watching videos, browsing the Internet and working on documents. This is a new and exciting experience as users can control Vader simply by hand gesture and voice.

•Standalone, runs on Android 7.0
•FOV 45 degrees
•Bright and clear see-through optical display
•Binocular with adjustable IPD
•Up to 4 hours autonomy
•Camera: 8M pixels
•Resolution: 1080p
•Supports 3D mode
Free SDK for developers