SEOUL (Invest Seoul Center)

SEOUL (Invest Seoul Center)

Top 10 Tech Startups in Seoul Back to Exhibitor Page

① Apptest.AI fully autonomous AI-based app testing cloud service

② SsenStone OTAC (One-Time Authentication Code), swIDch Auth SDK that works even in the off-the-net environment

③ Salted Ltd. SALTED Smart Insole, an IoT based digital healthcare solution

④ Knowck Digital media technologies : Smart Signage Solution, Media Facade Solution, Integrated Control Tower

⑤ HelloFactory HelloBell & HellOrder which deliver predefined messages from customers to the staff through the device installed on the table

⑥ Wayne Hills Ventures AI software that automatically converts/produces text data into digital video contents

⑦ Letsee Web-based augmented reality software development platform

⑧ Neubility an autonomous robot driving technology applied for food delivery service

⑨ JD Solution SOUNDIC, a directional speaker that transmits sound only into a desired area

⑩ VideoMonster Short-form video making platform that provides simple yet TV commercial quality templates