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Phased array antenna fast test system
Compact Antenna Test Range, CATR
Reflector projection dimension: ≤1.67DTZ×1.67DTZ×1.67DTZ (H×W×D)
Quiet zone distance reflector ≥ 3.3DTZ (DTZ is quiet zone size)
Quiet zone range taper ≤1dB, ripple ≤±0.5dB
Quiet zone phase ripple ≤±5° design service life ≥20 years
Quiet zone cross polarization ≤-27dB
Reflector surface accuracy
Whole molded surface accuracy is better than 10ƒΚm(RMS), peak value better than ±30ƒΚm, maximum tested frequency up to 300 GHz.

Xphased’s phased array antenna fast test system has a series of self-developed automated test equipment, core algorithms and software, which can carry out automatic test for product specification as per product test conditions and test requirements. With convenient test data analysis, error compensation ability, test report automatic generation and other functions, the test speed has been reduced to one hour.