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Allergic reactions caused by food is a vast challenge to make judgments and tests immediately before ingestion. Our Test Food Allergen Detection System (TADs) is a rapid, quantitative, on-site and real-time data collection solution aim for safe food and to save lives.

Product Advantages:The existing point of care device for food allergy of detection system can only detect gluten upper than 20 ppm, but lack ability to quantify smaller concentration. Thus, our team develops the novel point-of-care device, which can quantify target below 10ppm for multiple protein in the same time. Furthermore, rapid extraction with special techniques and electrochemical sensor, the device invented by us can readout data in less than 2 minutes. In addition, the charge of per test is only 3~4 dollars, which is noticeably more competitive, compared to ELISA.

Company Website:http://tftsensor.com/Home/Index_en
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