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storage condition monitoring (LoRaWAN)

SEZO UL is a battery-operated telemetric device for environmental measurements, together with a probe for measuring temperature and humidity of bulk materials.

* SEZO UL monitors environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity and UV radiation.
* SEZO UL transmits data in user-defined intervals. Configuration of the device is performed via USB.
* SEZO UL can be used both indoors and outdoors – it operates without any interference at temperatures ranging from -30 to +60°C.
* LoRaWAN technology enables long-distance data transmission – the distance between the device and the gateway can be up to 10 km.
* The SEZO UL device is battery-powered, and thanks to the use of LoRaWAN technology for long-distance transmission, the life of SEZO UL batteries reaches even 5 years.

See more at: https://sezo.pl/en/sezo-ul/