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Samsung Virtualized RAN(vRAN) and Core (vCore) Back to Exhibitor Page

Virtualization of an entire network from Radio Access Network (RAN) to Core will offer multiple benefits to operators.
Samsung vRAN has virtualized all elements of a baseband, combining IT innovations with years of performance and know-how in telecommunications. We are the first and only RAN supplier to successfully develop and commercially deploy a fully virtualized RAN and our vRAN serves a vast number of customers in the U.S. Recently, we demonstrated the capability to support multi-gigabit speeds of Massive MIMO radios with our vRAN solutions.

Samsung vCore is built with a cloud-native containerized architecture, enabling operational automation while ensuring optimized performance. We commercialized the world's first 5G NSA vCore, and achieved a significant milestone in data processing capacity on our 5G SA Core.

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