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A tailor-made solution for telcos, operators and providers, letting you stay on top of your Android TV device fleet (including Android AOSP and Google TV) wherever your devices and customers are and whatever the use-case may be. Remote control, assist, manage, maintain, perform OTA update, collect insights, receive alerts, configure, track and lock devices via a single interface making sure they are always ready and optimized.

The unique combination of our revolutionary proprietary technology, a lightning-fast communication layer and a powerful backend, makes Radix Android TV Manager a wonderful turn-key system. The Radix Android TV Manager was built bottom-up to manage Android TV devices and does not rely on legacy protocols such as TR69, making it the most robust platform to manage Android-based TV devices.

Key Benefits:
*Reduce agent time spent on support calls
*Reduce onsite visits
*Proactively solve problems before they surface
*Reduce customer churn