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Quanta 6 helps to build a high capacity last mile or a backhaul in a noisy environment.

Quanta 6 is a brand-new record-breaking spectral efficiency Point-to-Point solution which operates in the 6 GHz range. It guarantees impressive performance of up to 650 Mbps in a 56 MHz channel size. Quanta 6 offers a unique combination of high performance, reliability and ease of installation.

Quanta 6 is based on the brand new Octopus SDR platform, making this family of PTP solutions fully future proof thanks to efficient frequency spectrum usage, higher capacity and PHY, MAC and upper layer functionality support.

Quanta 6 can be deployed in a diverse range of applications, from backhauling for Wi‑Fi and small cell to CCTV and video-surveillance infrastructures. It can also provide Internet access to remote locations.