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Cyberattacks protection via the Orange network and threats detection on all your devices.

The devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets etc.) that we use for work, entertainment, shopping, and more are targeted by increasingly frequent cyberattacks. To protect our customers in both their professional and personal lives, Orange offers two innovative and easy-to-use services for use in the office, at home or on the go: Cyberfilter and Malware Cleaner.

Cyberfilter is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses as well as consumers and helps protect against increasingly diverse computer threats: viruses, phishing and hacking. Cyberfilter is compatible with any type of device (from computers, tablets and smartphones through to printers, scanners, cameras and connected objects) because the protection is provided by the Orange network. This means there is nothing to install or update. You are automatically alerted by Orange if you attempt to access a site deemed to be malicious. You can also access online reporting to manage your company’s or family’s fleet of mobiles and PCs and check for any issues.
The “Advanced Cyberfilter” version of this service extends the protection to browsing outside the Orange network (on public Wi-Fi networks for example) and comes complete with an antivirus option.

This demo uses a smartphone, tablet and PC to show the Cyberfilter interface and reporting tool that can be accessed via the Advanced Cyberfilter or Orange Business Lounge apps, or via a standard web browser.

NB: the Cyberfilter offer is currently available in France for pro and business mobile customers.

Malware Cleaner is aimed at professionals as well as the public. It detects, isolates and removes malware or files infected with a virus. Combining eight anti-virus programs, Malware Cleaner analyzes, identifies and then restores USB devices, computers and mobile phones.
Malware Cleaner comes in different forms (customizable kiosk or mini-kiosk, portable key or software version) to adapt to your business environment and requirements.

This demo is based on a mini-kiosk to show how an infected demo phone is connected and decontaminated.

NB: Malware Cleaner is currently available for pro customers.

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