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5G connects everything in tomorrow’s society. Like electricity, everyone from consumers to enterprises will come to expect 5G everywhere. Polte’s cellular location  patents and know-how become  even more integral as the foundation of this rapid expansion. We will unlock accessible, enhanced indoor accuracy and private networks for a variety of customers across campuses, warehouses and manufacturing zones – safeguarding data, while avoiding vendor lock-in. With even greater technical enhancement of Polte performance and strikingly lower latency, 5G and Polte emerge as key drivers of precision Industry 4.0 initiatives. From traffic management of autonomous robots to critical asset tracking, the new age of smart factories becomes more than just a pipe dream. Polte thus creates an era of sub-meter level accuracy that advances far past the rally cry of "5G Massive IoT" and unlocks the fruition of 5G Critical IoT. With 5G, the Polte possibilities are only beginning to be realized.