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Watch the video here:

5G Automated Valet Parking (AVP) from Valeo and NTT DATA:
Vehicles can be driven autonomously in dedicated areas like parking, factories and airports. Additional services like time savings, parking logistics or car charging are possible.

NTTD expands 5G solutions:
1. Secure, low error and failure resistant 5G connection for private, public and hybrid networks through NTTD security & reliability approach
2. Very low latency and high data rates to connect cameras, sensors and vehicles through field-proven NTTD network optimization
3. High scalability and cost reduction for setup and operation through NTTD cloud-native approach
4. One network fits it all: coverage of all use cases with only one 5G communication network

We combine these advantages in the already field-proven solution, which can be quickly implemented with our "use case framework".

Volker Klink
[email protected]