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Notre-Dame de Paris: Journey through time in VR Back to Exhibitor Page

An immersive visit to an iconic landmark in high definition.
This demo will invite visitors to experience an immersive journey through the mythical Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. This groundbreaking innovation enables visitors to explore the key milestones in the history of the cathedral, from its construction in the Middle Ages to the current restoration site.
Until now, to take full advantage of this type of experience, visitors would have to bring a laptop (in a backpack) connected to the headset, but the data processing is done in this case entirely in the cloud for extra comfort. The high-quality 3D images add to the visitor experience.
The demo relies on the combined power of 5G, with its extremely low latency, and Cloud XR, a cloud streaming technology for extended reality. Together, they make it possible to broadcast ever more immersive and spectacular content, without compromising on quality, for use at home or on the move.

As a follow-up to this demo, Orange offers companies the opportunity to test new experiences using these technologies within its Orange 5G Lab.

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