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LC3 / LC3plus: High-quality audio for the entire communication ecosystem Back to Exhibitor Page

By reducing the required bit rate by roughly 50 percent compared to legacy codecs, LC3 and LC3plus facilitate low-energy services that enable a longer battery life or the creation of smaller products. Due to the flexible codec design, applications are not limited to voice services but can be extended to high-quality music streaming as well.

LC3 is the best choice when aiming for super-wideband phone calls and high-quality audio streaming.

LC3plus is the standardized solution that makes it possible to provide the quality of high-resolution music streaming services over wireless accessories and, through this, independence from proprietary, vendor-specific technologies. It delivers doubled capacity for wideband calls over DECT cordless phones and a high-resolution audio mode for Bluetooth A2DP. It is the only open-standard codec for high-resolution audio and works with extremely low delay and improved robustness.