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KIOXIA XD6 Series E1.S SSDs are designed to the Enterprise and Datacenter Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) E1.S specification to address the specific requirements of hyperscale applications, including the performance, power and thermal requirements of the Open Compute Platform (OCP) NVMe Cloud SSD Specification. Designed to optimize system density and efficiency, the XD6 Series SSDs represent the future of flash storage for servers and storage systems in cloud and hyperscale data centers.

Key Features:

• Compliant with PCIe® 4.0, NVMe™ 1.3c specifications
• E1.S form factor (9.5mm height)
• KIOXIA proprietary architecture: controller, firmware and BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory
• 1.92 TB / 3.84 TB capacity options
• Power loss protection (PLP) and end-to-end data protection
• Security option: SED (TCG-Opal 2.0)

Use Cases:

• Servers and storage systems for cloud and hyperscale data centers