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KIOXIA Europe GmbH

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KIOXIA’s broad, high-performance lineup of e-MMC products integrates flash memory and an e-MMC controller in a single BGA package to perform functions such as error correction, wear leveling, logical-to-physical address translation, and bad-block management. These solutions support a high-speed memory interface compliant with JEDEC Version 5.0/5.1 and eliminate the need for the host to directly control the flash memory.

Key Features:

• KIOXIA controller
• Parallel interface
• BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory
• Standard & extended temperature
• JEDEC standard (v5.0/v5.1)
• 11.5 x 13mm 153 ball BGA
(11 x 10mm 4GB package option)


• IoT devices
• Smartphones
• Smart TVs
• Tablets/2-in-1
• Automotive
• Streaming Media
• Smart Speakers