Chengdu Xphased Technology Co., Ltd.

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The phased array antenna modular boards can be used in the COTM (“communication on-the-move”) scenarios, including vehicle-borne application, maritime application, airborne application and portable application. It is especially suitable for high-throughput satellite communication and widely used in national defense, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, tourism, education, Internet of Things, fishery, ocean transportation, natural disaster early warning and post-disaster reconstruction, etc.

The modular phased array antenna boards of the Company are featured with high integration and independent R&D and adopt the proprietary CMOS beamforming chips, making the cost lower on the premise of ensuring performance.

In just one year, the prototype terminal has been applied in vehicle-borne demonstration and maritime demonstration. It achieved the first breakthrough in many experiments in China and worldwide and opened a new chapter for the commercialized phased array industry in China.