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IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) is a new mobile network infrastructure, a new way to deliver rich real-time communication services (voice, video, data, etc.) for both consumers and business users over any access network, especially VoLTE(Voice over LTE), Wi-Fi calling and 5G Voice service.

·IPLOOK’s IMS system is 100% compliant (3GPP) and SIP-based. The product meets the VoLTE/VoNR service function of the operator's LTE/5G network and can also cooperate with the dedicated EPC as a multimedia service function under the dedicated network.
·Our fully virtualized IMS solution is based on lightweight containers (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes) and runs on any public or private cloud (e.g. Oracle, Amazon, RedHat, etc.) as well as on hardware.
·Our IMS solution has been integrated with the hardware and software of all industry suppliers. This provides the highest possible flexibility to integrate with both industry structure and innovative (open-source) applications.