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The most innovative thing about 5G is what we’ll do with it.

Orange invites you to enjoy a unique immersive experience and discover everything that 5G is changing and will change to make our lives better.

5G has arrived, deployments are accelerating and new services are emerging to benefit companies, start-ups, local communities, universities, and all of us.

Orange is developing new 5G uses with partners and start-ups in a number of areas. In the Gaming and Entertainment space for example, you'll be able to see the match from a seat in a box or in the stands and choose the sound environment to hear the ball in 360° augmented reality. In Industry, you can use a control panel to supervise a production line (to follow energy consumption, schedule maintenance and see the production workflow). With the mixed reality headset you can connect to a remote maintenance technician via video, and with the tablet you can retrieve the customer order information in real time to optimize a new logistics route.

There are a many other experiences to enjoy in the following sectors: Health and Wellbeing, Training and Education, Smart Cities and Energy and Mobility and Transport.
Every day, new uses are invented which remind us that the most innovative thing about 5G is what we'll do with it!
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  • Immersive 5G Lab
  • Immersive 5G Lab