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The HPU X is a high efficiency all-in-one Hybrid generator, capable of achieving greater performance thanks to 12 years of proven worldwide experience.
The HPU X, with variable speed engine and long-life deep cycle batteries, guarantees Certified fuel consumption savings up to 60% compared to a traditional genset, and up to 99,9% fuel savings with PV Plants (SGS Certification).
It is ready to be connected with renewable energy sources to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
The HPU X is particularly useful for remote/rural Off-grid applications or in areas where the grid is available with frequent outages (Bad-grid).
- Variable speed Engines (Diesel, LPG, NG)
- Power Range: 7-24 kW
- SGS Certification
- PMG Technology
- All-in-one
- High proven savings
- Deep cycle batteries
- Plug & Play with renewable energy sources
- Armored and Anti-theft devices

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