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HOLO NAVI M22 is an updated version of HOLO NAVI M20. It has many advantages compared to HOLO NAVI M20. M22 has a very compact and unique design. Unlike M20, it opens automatically and clamps once you bring your cellphone close to it. C type charging is supported now. Moreover, M22 has many technical improvements. From previous 5W charging capacity, it now has been equipped with 15W charging power. To maintain the tight fixing, we added one more bracket at the middle back of the device while it still has its suction cup and air vent fixing options. HOLO NAVI app has been updated and is ready to use now. M22 represents some same functions with M20 such as changing music, receiving or ignoring phone calls by sweeping your hand to the right or to the left. To the right means approval while to the left gives the no sign. In the music player to the right starts next music while to the left goes back to the previous music.

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