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HOLO NAVI M20 - driver assistant device that uses motion sensor. Hardware + Software = HOLO NAVI M20. R&D of hardware and software app, use of smartphone (compatible hardware and software), wireless charging technology, cellphone control while driving with a mere hand motion ( receiving phone calls / ending phone calls), media control while driving with a mere hand motion (next music, previous music), sweep to the right (with hand) > Yes reaction > receiving phone calls, sweep to the left (with hand) > No reaction > cancelling phone calls, ending phone calls. When we developed HOLO NAVI M20, we used motion sensor, and voice recognition technology which we transferred from Samsung Electronics and ETRI. We would like to offer comfort and safety while driving with our product. By installing our product, you do not need any more to touch your cellphone to control it. Amid COVID, we have been advised by medical experts not to touch surfaces which may catalyze the spread of the infection.