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Today’s societal, economic and environmental challenges have never been more complex, and the mobile industry is crucial to solutions that bring about true change.
We believe, the GSMA has a pivotal role to play in creating a thriving society that is affordable, accessible and reliable for everyone.
The GSMA focuses on the growth of the priority mobile technologies for the 5G Era to benefit members, industry and society.

Networks - Shaping the next generation of mobile networks and 5G. Enabled by open networking, and supporting flexible, accessible operator edge services.

Internet of Things - Scaling mobile technologies and processes for the whole cellular IoT market and increasing adoption in key customer markets.

Fraud & Security - Analysing threats to ​all stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem and empowering them to protect it.​

Identity & Data - Bringing operators and partners together to enhance data services and protect against fraud.

Energy Efficiency - Powering networks of the future whilst minimising energy use, maximising efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy.

Internet - Realising the opportunity and impact of new web technologies for the mobile industry.

Roaming & Interconnect - Ensuring best practice operator roaming, billing and settlement for both legacy & future services.

Artificial Intelligence - Maximise responsible use of AI & machine learning across all aspects of the mobile ecosystem & society.

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