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The mobile industry is at the forefront of the digital revolution and continues to deliver impact through global initiatives. Our leaders are driving change within the industry and empowering other industries to follow suit.

Mobile industry leaders are establishing strategic partnerships to capitalise on the power of mobile connectivity for the good of society. They are taking action to improve people’s lives, across developed and developing countries.

But for these advantages to spread, governments, regulatory authorities need to shape digital policies and a telecom regulatory framework that are fit for purpose — achieving a fully switched-on digital world.

AI for Impact
Scaling mobile big data and AI for a better future

Climate Action
Unlocking the power of the mobile industry to create a low-carbon and climate resistant future

Digital Declaration
Establishing trust through responsible leadership

International Relations
Strategic international relationships to drive collaboration for a better future

Embedding sustainability into the heart of business strategy

We Care
Working together to deliver a positive impact on society

Capacity Building
Delivering free, high-quality training and resources to policymakers and regulators

Spectrum for 5G
Everything you need to know about spectrum needed for 5G

Spectrum Pricing
An in-depth look at why spectrum pricing is so impartant for the future of mobile connectivity

mPower Youth
Enhancing children’s lives through mobile

Data Privacy
Building trust and transparency in mobile connectivity

Promoting best practice to pursue greater affordability and investment in mobile connectivity

EMF and Health
Everything you need to know about the safety of mobile networks

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