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GLOW Plus is an advanced version of GLOW that comes with the same stylish design but equipped with a larger and premium display. It is a pair of lightweight binocular mixed reality (MR) smart glasses that seamlessly converge the virtual with the real. GLOW Plus is foldable and even more lightweight than GLOW, a perfect wearable for entertainment.

Simply plugging a smartphone to GLOW Plus via USB-C DisplayPort, users can manoeuvre and navigate their phones right on GLOW Plus through voice commands and hand gesture controls. GLOW Plus can also pair with Bluetooth joystick and keyboard to enhance user experience. GLOW Plus’s Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) technology is developed under pure algorithms.
•Hybrid, Binocular
•FOV 53 degrees
•BirdBath (BB) with OLED Display
•Up to 5 hours autonomy
•Camera: 5M pixels
•Resolution: 1080p
•Free SDK for developers
•6 colours: Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple
Introduction Video: