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How mixed reality and 5G improve operational efficiency in industrial settings.

The use of immersive technologies represents an important step towards achieving operational excellence in Industry 4.0. 5G promotes makes possible experiences that are even more interactive, immersive and contextualized in mobile environments, in order to adapt to specific business requirements.
Mixed reality, by allowing a physical object to interact in real time with a virtual object, serves as a diagnostic tool to help identify and correct specific issues. This makes it a key factor in optimizing production rates and managing delivery times.

This demo simulates a maintenance operator intervention on a production line. Equipped with a mixed reality headset, the operator can assess the condition of a malfunctioning machine. The associated equipment (mixed reality headset, interface, network) enables accessing a range of content and quickly understand the situation and diagnose the problem. Virtual information (diagrams, operating mode, etc.) can be overlaid on the real machine thanks to the mixed reality headset so it can be repaired more easily. If necessary, the technician can also reach a remote expert technician via videoconference. By connecting to the camera connected to the operator’s mixed reality headset, the technician can guide him as well as send additional information to make the necessary adjustments or repairs.

Mixed reality solutions combined with 5G make it possible to visualize and manipulate machines through their digital twins in order to put in place the right corrective actions that avoid breakdowns and keep the machines up and running. In addition, the maintenance operator can access additional information to improve skills and agility.

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