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Communicate without additional energy, wave and network deployment.

This connected device is a game-changer in terms of the sustainability of IoT in the future. It benefits from several unique characteristics.

Firstly, it is self-powered using ambient energy such as light energy from artificial lighting or the sun.

Secondly, to communicate, it recycles existing signals, or those already used for communications between smartphones and the network. These signals are transported in the form of waves.

Finally, it can be detected by the ambient network. Indeed, when the device is near a smartphone connected to the mobile network, the smartphone detects it in the same way as it detects the network and can serve as its “communication gateway”. Likewise, the network also detects the device, just as it detects the smartphone, and can therefore also act as its “communication gateway”.

Ultimately, this new type of device can connect without an energy source, using zero additional waves or infrastructure. For simplicity, we'll call it “000Device”.

This demo presents its benefits for the logistics sector. A transport company can attach a “000Device” on an ordinary package for the latter to broadcast an identifier. The “000Device” is then used to track the package: each time it comes across a smartphone connected to the network, the package is automatically detected, located and time-stamped by the network, which is highly useful for the transport company.
We will show various prototypes of our “000Devices” including solar tags which can reuse TV / 4G / 5G network frequencies, and even some that can be reprogrammed by a smartphone via NFC.

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  • Crowd-Detectable Zero-Energy-Devices
  • Crowd-Detectable Zero-Energy-Devices