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North Rhine-Westphalia Pavilion - NRW.Global Business GmbH

North Rhine-Westphalia Pavilion - NRW.Global Business GmbH

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The Competence Center 5G.NRW contributes to North Rhine-Westphalia becoming the lead market for 5G: It reduces technical entry barriers for companies, develops the economic potential for vertical markets – such as automotive and mobility, energy, food and agriculture, smart cities, healthcare and production and many more – and accelerates the diffusion of innovation.


The four cooperating universities of Wuppertal, Dortmund, Essen-Duisburg and Aachen have set up a DAILY PROGRAMME for MWC BARCELONA 2021 and present flagship projects on every day.

28.06.2021, 13. - 14.45
Wuppertal: NRW, as a 5G pioneer region ǀ Giga for Health Project

29.06.2021, 10 - 12.00
Aachen: 5G use cases in industry ǀ Live tour through the 5G model factory Aachen

30.06.2021, 10 - 12.00
Dortmund: NRW Innovations Beyond 5G - Advancing Wireless Research

01.07.2021, 10 - 11.05
Duisburg-Essen: Edge Computing with 5G ǀ EURIALE Project

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