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It is the 48V system for Telecommunication standby type LiFePO4(lithium iron phosphate) battery products, the system uses the advanced LiFePO4 battery technology with the benefit of long cycle life, small size, light weight, safety and environmental protection, and has a strong environmental adaptability, it is idea for harsh outdoor environments.
● The battery is divided into capacity, the grouping process is bar coded and intelligent, the data is reliable, and the consistency is high.
● Can be placed horizontally, vertically, sideways or wall mounted, etc.
● Provides alarm, protection, etc. to the battery pack
● Excellent safety performance and high reliability
● High energy density, small size and light weight
● With anti-theft function, communication anti-theft, gyroscope anti-theft function
● Support LCD display, Bluetooth APP
● Support dry node parallel alarm
● Long calendar life, cycle performance greater than 2000 times