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MindTitan OU

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Self-learning AI chatbot that actually resolves your customers’ issues without any assistance.
Titan Chatbot is the first truly intelligent chatbot that is able to automate not only chats but also calls.

Titan Chatbot platform enables automation of highly complex conversations and customer support use cases. This is achieved in tandem by the machine learning capabilities and the Solution Flow Management (SFM) tool.

SFM follows the business process modelling notation (BPMN) to allow for describing virtually any kind of process. It is adjusted for the TitanCS chatbot to enable conversational techniques, Application Programming Interface (API) integrations and custom Python code for the most complex logic.

Titan Chatbot is built using the latest natural language processing models and made by customer service experts for customer service professionals. Cooperation with the biggest Telecommunication companies like Elisa and Veon helped to shape the business process